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    Default Original professional bow set up

    Just had an experience that I would like you not to have. I'm in the over 65 group and have been shooting since I was 12. Have had many bows and most recently purchased the 2013 PSE Drive. Impressive for the money, speed, smooth shooting, noise etc. I have had a couple injuries (shoulder, elbow) not archery related since I bought it. I noticed that holding was a chore but chaulked it up to the injuries, lack of shooting and loss of strength. Went to the King Arthur shoot in San Diego, CA. Great fun. This shoot is 40, 2 arrow targets in one day. I expected to finish maybe 25 but was able to do 35 and proud of it. While shooting I noticed young women shooting about the same draw weight as me and able to hold for quite some time before releasing. When I came home I went to a newly opened shop to have the bow weighed. To my surprise the draw weight was correct at 44#, but the let off was only to 24#. I called PSE and asked what the problem could be and they immediately showed me that the cam settings were off. I'm not much on working with the new cams and expected the shop I purchased it from to set it up correctly. For those who don't know as much about the new cams, the letters must match up, ie, A to A and B to B etc. The shop had the module pin set on I and the draw stop set to J. Sounds like a small problem but apparently it's not. I corrected the setting and now have the right let off. Good news is I'm not as weak as I thought and probably could have finished the SD shoot. Point is we rely on people in the business for quality work and don't always get it so we need to have some tech abilities as well.
    Hope this helps a fellow archer,

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    looks to me like you learned a good lesson. that is do it your self. probably a good shop but got in a hurry. I'm also in the over the 65 group. waaaay over. the one thing I have learned is trust no one with your equipment.
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