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    Default my ring finger is numb/tingly


    I'm pretty new,
    1st day of range practice was Tuesday for about an hour of 40#bow. My finger was pretty numb for the evening.

    2nd day, Friday for 3 hours, same ring finger of draw hand is nice and numbing/tingley.

    Is this normal? or am i doing something wrong?

    thnax every one.

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    Not normal no matter what style of shooting you are doing. I would say your shooting has highlighted something that has already been going on with it.
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    Any tips on how I can fix this?

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    I couldn't copy the shorten url, but i found this hoping this would help future viewers.

    1mm per 10# of draw weight.

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    So I take it you are shooting a traditional bow? The URL you posted is a good article on shooting with fingers. You didn't mention if using a tab with the proper thickness of leather fixed your problem, I would think that if you went with the advice in the article you posted, your issues of numbness is over.

    When I shoot my 60 lb. Pearson long bow I use fingers. I have a glove I made just for this bow which has four layers of leather two of which are Elk hide skived down to 2mm each. The back side of the glove is a single layer of Elk while the pad side has the extra layers, they are loose on the end towards the palm.
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