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Thread: laser tuning

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    Default laser tuning

    what do you think about laser tuning to paper tuning

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    Are you asking is one better than the other?
    I haven't seen it used in person but I would us it as a baseline setting for initial setup. As I see it no account for arrow spine, shooter input, etc can be factored in so it's just a starting point.
    However, once a final tune has been achieved that to me is where it has the greatest benifit by quickly and precisely logging the bows settings.
    If the bow suddenly begins to ill perform, string, cam or rest change your right back to that sweet spot.
    Admittedly this perception is just that as I previously stated no experience with it. You asked what we think.

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    Gaffer2xl is right lazer tuning is a good starting point but needs to be completed by paper tuning most bows don't shoot there best at true center

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