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Thread: arrow weight

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    Question arrow weight

    I shot a 3D tourny least weekend and lost 5 arrows. I was told that my arrows were to heavy for my bow. I have to buy new arrow. My old ones were 2213 and I shoot a 30 pound recurve. What should I buy?

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    Need a bit more information, what length is your arrow?

    Assuming you shoot a 28" arrow, you need something like 1913 or 1914. If you have a 29" arrow it would be 2012 or 2013.

    To shoot 2213 you need to be pulling about 55lbs at 28" to be spined correctly. So yes, your arrow is too heavy.

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    My draw lenghth is 30.5.

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    Ok, still assuming your arrow is about 30" long...

    2112,2013,2014,1916 are the arrow sizes to look at.

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