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    Default STS system product review

    We recently did some testing with the STS system. If you haven't seen this product yet, it's worth checking out.

    One of the best noise and vibration reducing systems I have seen.
    See the full review here.

    STS System
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    Thanks for the heads up on the link. I corrected it.
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    Default Defining quieteness to the max

    I have a Bowtech constitution,and shot my freinds with the STS on his and found a dramatic difference.
    I have every limbsaver product known to man waiting to go on my Old Glory for hunting this year and I still am going to by one of these.

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    Default Sts

    Chris, I put one of these on a Martin Shadowcat shoot thru ,with much customizing,and can truly say it has help my groups and scores. Let alone the dampening qualitys. Thanks for a great site, HS

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    I was at a shoot on sunday morning, I was at the warm up bales. One of my shooting partners was there w/me. Had ol switchy w/sts out for a test run on some new arrows I made up. This guy, wife, and kid that i have seen at a few shoots were all there shooting. The guy asks me "whats that?" and points to my sts. I tell him what it is and what it does. He says to me, "but look at all the weight your adding", and "how much speed did you loose?" I just had to chuckle a little. Tried to explain what the advantages were and all he could come up with was how much speed i must have lost, and how heavy it must be. Well I might have to take it off, I did shoot 2-8's for a total of 286 out of 290 w/10x, But they were new arrows so maybe that was it.
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    Default Sts

    Chris I still have not taken the plunge and bought one but all I hear is how great it is. As soon as I get some extra spending money that will be my first purchase definately. Also would you please tell Bowman that it is not the new arrows or the STS its that nasty old dropaway rest and he needs a WB!!!!


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    Default This product

    I shoot my Mathews bows with string suppresors

    But on all my bows that done have that. This product does the job.

    My semi pro buddy shoots with one on his Apex and Apex7

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    Default What about Hoyt

    How well do the STS products work on the Hoyt Trykon, Trykon XL and the UltraElite. I know that the mounting of the product can get a little funky or at least that is what I have been told.
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