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    Thumbs up whats the right stabilizer

    hey, i could use some help on this topic. i am 17 and just getting back into the 3d scene, i am looking for a good 3d stabilizer, but still one that will work for hunting as well. i was looking at a doinker a-bomb field stabilizer 11.5 inch. any recomendations, thanks, and where can i get one.

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    You are on the right track. Also check out the powerbar. It's all black and will probably work better for hunting. It's also 11.5"
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    thanks, i will have looked into those next problem is where to buy one from. at the doinker website it has some of their online retailers, but i cant seem to find the stabilizer i am looking for, like the a-bomb series, everything is d2 series,is the a-bomb series still to new.

    Thanks for everything

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