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    Default Flagged spam words

    Sometimes a thread or reply will not be posted right away because certain keywords set-off flags in our spam filter or there are too many links to other sites in your message. This may result in an error when posting new threads. Unfortunately this is a necessary step due to the heavy volume of spam we receive.

    We will not list these words (because that would allow spammers to simply bypass it), but please reply here if you're having issues with this feature. Please note -- if a message is flagged as spam, a moderator must approve it before it's visible online. This generally takes under an hour, so please don't post your thread 10 more times or something. Just PM a moderator.

    This also may have happened if you posted too many URLs in a thread. Again, a moderator should approve your thread soon. Thanks for your patience.

    When you are a new member and you have zero posts, your threads will get flagged as spam until you get multiple posts on the forum. This only happens if you have links or pictures in your first posts. This limits the amount of spam we get on the forum. It's a pain in the rear but necessary. Don't worry, we will read and approve your posts so others can see them as fast as possible.
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