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    Question Fuse Archery On-line

    I am having a hard locating Fuse Archery sights for sale on line or even at bow shops. Any body have any ideas or know where I should look? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    just curious but... ummm.. why? They are nothing special. A Spott Hogg or a Copper John would perform just as well for less money
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    You will not find them online. Fuse does not allow any online sales.
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    First off to the forum.

    Fuse does have some cool looking sights but I have never seen them in the shops around here. Hope you find what you are looking for but if not remember as Dredly has said lots of other great sights out there Spott Hogg,CJ,Extreme, I really like my Montana Black Gold. Shop around you may find something you really like alot. Good luck


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