Now this isn't really bowhunting but it's something we have all seen or dealt with...I found a crow hunting site that displays their hate mail and replies to it...This I thought was a perfect example of an animal righter showing more love for them than mankind...

from: Tony F.
Let me just ask you one question. What the hell has a crow ever done to you? I could see if they were over populating america or trying to attack people that would be a reason to kill them. I hope all of the crows get together and attack you a## holes and peck out your god d### eyes and eat your brains. Also i know that you just kill them for the fun of it just to see them die because your not going to eat something that could have a life thereating diesease. i hope when you die you burn in the firey pits of hell for killing such an innocent animal just for fun. or better yet i hope one of your hunting buddies shoots you in the f###ing face by accident. burn in hell bitches.
Tony, always a pleasure to receive an eloquent email like yours. Nothing like having someone wish for you to “burn in the fiery pits of hell” to really brighten your day. Sort of like an Animal Rights Activist HallMark moment I guess. But look, I’m with you on one point. We spend a lot of time and money trying to call and decoy those crafty birds. It sure would save a lot of trouble if they just got together and started looking for us as you suggest. The eyes and brains thing is a bummer, but think of the marketing potential. New at The CrowMart, the “Crow Busters Protective Helmet and Matching Goggles Set!”. Honey, where’s that patent form? Oh yea, sorry to disappoint, but I fully expect one of my hunting buddies to shoot me in the BACK of the head instead. Just like your email, I’d rather not to see it coming!