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Thread: Beman arrows

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    Quote Originally Posted by brokenarrow View Post
    What's that supposed to mean...Us welderers is less dumber than you think...
    yup thats what I thought......
    I cut things up and split them down!

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    hummm interesting stuff....... Ill bet that the fletch and the broadhead make alot more noise then the arrow vibrating from being shot.... we need to come up with some limbsaver vanes and tips man!!!! now that would sell, the silent stealth arrow componets.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by brokenarrow View Post
    That's not an archer's paradox...
    It's Newton's first law...
    did you not read my other post i now what archer's paradox is

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    New posted by long time hunter and shooter and figured I'd give my 2 cents here.

    This is pretty much a total gimmick for people that have to have the latest and greatest toy out there.

    I have Beman's arrow guide in front of me and think this is a total gimmick. The noise an arrow makes in flight is from the arrow cutting through the air, and from the vanes, or feathers, and the not from vibration. The only vibration noise I've ever heard from an arrow was from a loose broadhead or practice point. Once I cranked it down that went away. A golf ball wobbles when you hit it and you can hear it pushing thru the air much like an arrow. I don't think I've ever heard the vibration noise of a golf ball.

    The chart in Beman's guide is a Vibration VS Time chart. However, they do not give the units for Vibration (harmonic rate) or Time. Furthermore, if they wanted to have an effective chart it should be Noise (decibels) VS Time (seconds or even milliseconds) and actually list units on the vertical and horizontal axis. On top of that. Most of the noise I've ever heard from an arrow comes from the vanes or feathers, not from the arrow itself.

    If anything, the purpose of the insert would be to decreasing harmonics (they call it vibration) on the arrow. The faster the arrow stabilizes the more accurate the arrow will be. The less the arrow vibrates the less wind will effect it. The amount of harmonics in a properly spined arrow with a release is almost minimal. Again, no units on chart. If you shoot fingers there may be some benefit to a product like this. But I highly doublt it. The only benefit might be if you whacked it off something metal on your bow. However, I'd be surprised if the reduction in noise is really that significant if the point is tight.

    As for the accuracy you may gaineace. Modern bows are so accurate, I'll even throw in bows made 20 yrs ago, that adding a vibration dampener to the arrow means almost nothing. Spine the arrow properly and practice a lot and I'll bet that you will see no difference in accuracy between a carbon with and without the insert.
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    I know I'm new here and maybe I missed something but I don't think the main purpose is to quiet the arrow. If you watch a video of an aluminum arrow shot into a target in slow motion, and a carbon shot into the same target the aluminum arrow supposedly vibrates more both in flight and durring the hit/penetration. Both arrows being correctly spined the carbons "straiten out" faster generaly speaking. The insert is supposed to dampen even more of this vibration allowing the arrow to straiten out even faster and to possably penetrate a bit deeper based on less wasted KE. I don't know if it's a needed item but I think that perhaps it's a bit more than gimmic. IMHO it would be nice if they fit "fat" arrows for target shooters. But in standard configuration I think it would be a nice add on for 3d shooters and or those going after tough game like elk, boar, or maybe african. Curiosity about bowfishing applications cross my mind as well. But anyway the main concept imho appears to be dampening arrow vibration during flight a bit faster.

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