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    Default first 3-D of the year 4 me

    Guys got shoot the first 3-D of the year yesterday. Man I loved it. To get to shoot targets outside I LOVE IT!!!! We had a little snow about 7 inches but not to bad nothing like the poor people in NE U.S. Didn't shoot to bad shoot a 307 on 30 target course. Had one 5. Had a brain fart. Took my eye of the prize and hit right where I was looking on a little target. A little to hot. Anyone else shoot this weekend?

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    Didn't have a 3D this week so I shot alittle 3 spot fur fun at the range...

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    I shoot a indoor 3D league in the winter and an outdoor 3D league in the summer + weekends shoots and such.
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    Our first 3D is not until the beginning of April.
    We don't have indoor 3D around here and I'm surprised since it's so relatively popular in the hunting offseason.


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    Our 4th of the year (within a 30 mile radius) will be this weekend. I don't know if I'll make it back home in time... have to travel.
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    I haven't shot any 3d yet this year, I'm still stuck in indoor mode. I need to get busy!

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