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    Default Hey Two Shoes...........

    Are you gonna put me on to a good spot for Muleys if I make it back to CO this year?

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    Talking Being called out in the hunting forum?!

    Quote Originally Posted by dano-c4 View Post
    Are you gonna put me on to a good spot for Muleys if I make it back to CO this year?
    Sure, You gonna show me how to kill and gut one??? I do pretty good on the video system... That's close. right???

    Seriously, I've never hunted for anything besides duck & phesant. I put in for an archery tag (deer) last year but didn't draw a tag, only got a preference point Let me do a little research and ground/ foot work and I'll get back to you. Tree stands may be an issue.... there might not be a tree strong enough to handle my fat as....butt.
    Now elk are like tree rats around here too and there are a number of over the counter tags for them. Let me know if you're interested, but I'd hate to lead you down a primmrose path without you getting a shot off. (the homophobe in me finds that statement troublesome)

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