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Thread: gold tip arrows

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    Default gold tip arrows

    I have just bought some gold tip series 22 i was just wondering does anyone else like them pretty good

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    I don't shoot the 22s but I do use the Gold Tip 30X Pro shafts. They are some of the best indoor shafts I have ever shot. I shot the X-Cutters before the 30X and they were very accurate also.

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    I shoot the 22 Pro's and find they are very consistent. As with any large diameter shaft it has thin walls so can be broken easier than smaller shafts. This leads me to shoot multiple spots when practicing, and don't miss when shooting anything else. Of course, anybody who pays for this quality of arrow shouldn't be missing very often anyway.

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    I have shot the 5575 gold tips since I bought my first bow. That's all I use, if it isn't broke, don't fix it. I've never had one break, or bend. I have had an insert or two bend out of the end. Great arrows!!!

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    GT 22 Pro Ultralights are the way to go. Strong, and durable. The pin nocks are the only way to go and put the glue in tips. I would recomend what weight if I knew your setup. Cut them 1/2" in front of the rest and shoot em'. If that dosen't work then let me know.

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