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    Default What size Aiming Dot for 3D?

    Ok since there is a scope discussion going on...

    What sized aiming DOT should I use for 3D?

    Also what size power in my scope and will I need a clarifier?

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    Default its up to you

    hello the size and power you will have to play with them to find out what wroks best for your eyes. every body i shoot with likes 3 and 4 powers and some use stikers and some use fiber optic. it is up to your eyes.and for a clearifires are not such a good idea for 3d because they are not needed for scopes with 4x and under and very hard to keep dry and clean.

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    I have heard of some using fibers as small as .010 which is really tiny thats why I asked.

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    I use a .019 fiber optics pin in a hha single pin sight. I currently dont use a magnifier on the sight since my shooting partner is still shootin 3 pin setup. It wouldnt seem fare.

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    I don't have a dot on my scope...just a circle on the lens.
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    I have a 4 power lense on a HHA scope --- pin size .019. For the longest time I didn't use a clarifier on my peep, but I recently put one in and it made a huge difference for me.

    But, I think like allot of things in archery, it's all trial and error to figure out what works best for you.

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