Hi! I am an avid bow hunter and fellow 3d archer. My wife and I are also members of the Birmingham Jaycees. Currently, we are oraganizing a 3D archery Benefit shoot for our chapter. This past year we lost our biggest fund raiser. Running an archery shoot is new for our chapter. We have very limted resources and are attempting to get sponsoship for our shoot.
Thus far we have met with a local outdoor store that is very well known in Birmingham. The owner said he would consider sponsoring us if
we change the date from Sept 10th and 11th to Oct 8th. He also wants us to run it as a 1 day instead of 2 and give him a # of participants.
In my experience a 2 day shoot is better. Also, coming up with a # of participants, even with pre registration, will be quite difficult. I do not think he know much about archery shoots. He did say we can set up a booth at the big sale she has at his store on Sept 10th and he would probably be helpful with advertisement. We think that OCt is too late for the shoot. Please give your thoughts on the date. We think we should contiune to contact other outdoor stores and bow manufacturers, kep them in ,mind
Also, we want this shhot to be successful. What type of shooters prizes would you expect at a benefit shoot. If we raffled a hoyt or bowtch bow for mene and women would that entice you to coming? (if it were in your area).
It is to be held at Howard Hill Archery Club in Wilsonville Alabama.

For info on the Birmingham Jacees please see our website www.bhamjaycees.org.

Please give advise on items listed above.