I was looking at getting my hunting setup for this fall going and wow,
It's a perty hard decision on one perticular broadhead selection atleast for me.
I tryed out three for last years testing and ended up still in the want for something better,this year maybe I won't have to.
I thought I would say what looks good to me,you people can give me your opinions....and maybe I won't have to fork over a ton of lute just for experimenting purposes.
This is what I am looking at for fixed blades.....
Steelforces Steel Vemoms(2004)
Muzzy Phantoms
2XJ enterprises Crimson Crocs
Innerlocks Extreme SS
Sonic Heads

For expandables...
G5's Tekan 2's
Rocky Mountains Snyper XP3's
2XJ enterprises Black Mambas
Aftershock Hypershocks(2004)
Grim Reaper Razortips and Razorcuts
Rocket ReconXP's
Innerlock 2&3blade EXP's

I suppose there might be a few I missed and these are in no perticular order?
I'm focusing on the new ones for this year!
So,as the nuge would say, what does the mystical flight of my arrow get at the end of it???
Anyone see any others?
I am going to pick one from each catagory for the stand and the groundblind.
Any opinions or suggestions?????