I could use some help in arrow selection. Recently my supply of easton excel 500s ran low so my shop ordered and fletched a dozen more. They will not work with my setup or any reasonable mod to it. Easton blew me off, saying they change from batch to batch and I will just need to keep buying and trying arrows till I am satisfied with one. Expensive lesson.

I am limited to 60 pounds draw weight, shoot fingers, and like my old Browning Maxim long axel bow. I have good tuning (bare shafts impact with fletched shafts) with Easton Excel and with Beeman Hunter 500s (which may be the same shaft) and tips from 100 to 75. With the 75s, my FOC is back a bit more than I wish, but the speed is up where I want it. I'm getting 260 fps with this setup. I'm not smart enough to know what is a "good group" ability, but I stay inside 2" at 20, 4" at 40 yards, and so forth. This is the best I ever get, year after year, and for more than 15 years this is what I get when I'm in shape. I'd like to be better, but I don't know if I am limited by ability or equipment. If this is about all I can reasonable expect, someone PLEASE tell me so, and I'll get satisfied. Oh yea, did I mention I'm 62 years old and don't want to get whuped up on in 3-D shoots by you kids.

For 3D, which is most of my shooting, I need the flattest trajectory I can get with my 60 pound physical limitation, and a long axle length for my fingers habit. Does it sound like I probably have all I can expect? My current setup is 59#, 29 1/2 draw lengh, 300 grain arrow weight, 4" feathers, finger release. Bow is soft cam, 42" axle length. Nocking point set at 1/2 " above square, and NAP flipper plunger is at 1/2 " out from the window face. Arrow is feather fletched Easton Excel 500 (old) or Beeman Hunter 500, and 75 grain tips. Total arrow weight 300 grains, sorted to + or - 1/2 grain. This has given me bare shaft impact into the fletched arrow group, and group size as stated.

Easton says change to a 400 shaft but that has been too stiff in the past. Shafts that look interesting are the Easton Lightspeed, Redline, and ACE, and now I hear good things about the Gold Tip 22. I think I understand the Eastons, but I'm told the Gold Tip comes in one spine only and it is way stiff. So, what is "very stiff" and what bow set up is it suitable for.

Way too many questions for one post, I know. Sorry for the long post, but any advice before I go out and buy a dozen of ten different arrows to find the right one will be appreciated. Oh yea, did I mention I have no pro shop within 40 miles, more or less?