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    Default The Official Rules

    Rules will be lightly enforced

    #1 have fun, no whining

    #2 shoot anytime you want

    #3 keep score according to the scoring target below, I promise this time it will be posted in a few.....

    #4 if you would like to post a pic of the target thats your choice we do not require it for our "fun" shoots

    #5 any challenges will require a certified check or money order made payable to me (BOWMAN) in the amount of $1,000 and will need to be in my hands within one hour of the violation

    #6 if you are shooting in another league or compition, just keep a seperate piece of paper and keep track for this scoring, we dont require you to shoot a completly seperate round

    #7 any equipment falure will have to be cleared before you can leave the line and because we wont be there to decide if its a real falure.....just go get the thing fixed...and then continue (if you choose to shoot a bowtech, that is your choice and limb failure will get no sympathy from the crew)

    #8 once you start scorring you keep scoring, you cant say "oh I am not shooting good today, I will come back and shoot it again"

    #9 if you get extra time and would like to shoot another complete round to enter you may, but you need to shoot a complete second round, and notify the proper athority (me) that this has taken place

    #10 all decision on line cutters and close arrows, will NOT be decided by the mass's you decide, if you want a freebie go ahead you big babies.

    #11 this is the scoring system we will use 10-8-5, there is no 4 on a 3d target *my hope is that we will be able to turn this into scorring 3d targets when the weather gets nice*
    the x ring will be a 10, the white ring around the 10 is to be an 8 and the blue will be 5

    #12 please have fun everyone and lets have a good time doing this....

    Also I would like to take this opertunity to thank you all for taking part in our little game

    and I would like to thank Chris for donating the PINE SLABS the we call the bench of sadness.......
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