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    Default New to FLetching

    I am interested in fletching my own arrows and have several questions:
    Is the Dial-o-fletch preferable to the the Bitzenburger with several clamps?
    If I shoot Left-Handed, which is the preferable helical Left or Right?
    What is the difference between helical and offset?
    If I have offset or helical, is it affected by what kind of rest I use?

    Thank You.

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    If your shooting broadheads, choose helical. I prefer the bitzenberger.

    Also choose right hand helical. The only people that use left are traditional shooters. The problem with left hand is that it can unscrew your tip or broadhead in flight.

    If you plan to shoot expandables you can probably get away with a right offset.

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    Thanks, Chris, for the info. However, If I use a helical, do I need to have a drop away rest? I had a Trap Door and the fletchings always touched the rest before the drop, with arrows fletched with a 4 degree offset. Does the same occur with say Trophy Ridge Drop Zone?


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    If you are shooting a drop away and the fletching hits, then the drop away is not working properly.

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