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    Default shooters do well at Metropolis

    It seems we have some congratulations to give. Three of our shooters finished in the Top 20 of the ASA Open C class.
    Lonnie Topham finished 9th
    Tim Rau finished 17th
    Glen Dauenbaugh finished 20th (also heard he shot 8 up on the Sims shoot)

    Way to go guys. Keep and eye out for our crew I expect big things from all of them.

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    Tim and Glen. Good guys and good shooting.

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    They are all shooting well. It's just a matter of time before someone puts together a really good round.

    I haven't shot a lot of 3D lately but have been shooting field league and that keeps the form in good shape. If you screw up your shot at 80yards, you know it real quick.

    My last round was a 272 out of 280. It should have been a 275 if I had not screwed it up on the last 3 targets. The funny thing is I'm shooting my 3D bow at 284fps with Fatboys. I have a Pro Elite w/ 3000 limbs but haven't spent much time shooting it.

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