Before anyone takes this as a "How To" thread by me. I am posting this method of how I do it. . I would much appreciate any input on better or different ways to tune an arrow rest.

What I am trying to achieve is that shots will print in a target, at all yardages, without varying left or right. In layman terms, your shots should not fall right, or, left as yardages change.

This test is based on the presumption that you are using a compound bow with a rest that has horizontal/windage adjustment. And, your sight has a level to insure consistant vertical alignment. And, your bow is properly tuned and the nocking point is good. Also, I start out with field points the same weight as my broadheads.

Here goes......

I start out testing at 10 yards. (I use my 30 yard pin. Do not adjust your sights after you start the test. If you use fixed pins, shoot the same pin thru out the test. Depending on your set up, you may need to change which pin you shoot from. But, shoot from the same pin thru out the test.) I then shoot a group of 3-6 shots. I mark that group.

Then I step back to 20 yards. I shoot another group. I mark those.

Then back to 30 yards. Same deal.

Then back to 40 yards. Same deal.

If the groups are straying to the left as the yardage increases, I move the rest to the right. If to the right, I move the rest to the left. I repeat this process until I get all my groups to line up vertically. Here again, you never adjust the sights during the test.

You may have to adjust the sights to keep yourself on the target. If so, start the test again.

In my opinion, once you have all your groups in vertical alignment, you have the rest centered to your bow's string travel. The broadheads are next.

I shoot fixed blade broadheads. I have yet to get them to print in the same group as the field points. Anyone have some tips on that?