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Thread: In door 3-D

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    Default In door 3-D

    I shot a 208 today at indoor combo league on the 3-D range. My first two rounds were X X X 8 8 5. We count X's as 10 because 1/2 of the teams are shooting video. I think that I had a total of 12 X's, not sure, I was shooting good and have too much fun to count. It is a 6 shot stationary and 6 pop-ups. We shoot each for a total of 24 shots. The range is from approx. 15 to 39 yards. The targets changed and moved every week. I think it is a blast. We shoot everything from a bear about 18 inches tall to elk. I will try to get a picture and post it. I know that this is no record, but after 4 1/2 to 5 months af shooting, I am so pleased with my progress that I had to tell someone.

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    good job Heavy Haul Sounds fun, I can't wait till our Thurs. night league starts again.

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