I'm sure everyone is having as much fun with the Mosquitos as I am. Someone told me to get a Thermacell. This is a little heating device that is for mosquitos.

I shot a full field round this weekend. One half with only deepwoods off and the second have with the Thermacell. I never re-applied the Off for the 2nd round.

Well the first half was pretty bad. I got chewed on pretty bad. The second half, I turned on the Thermacell. At first I didn't think it was working. By the 3rd target, I noticed the Mosquitos were not getting near me.

Now you have to consider the second half of this course is the worst for mosquitos. I will not say these things are perfect but I really think it helped quite a bit.

If your interested you can go here to check them out. I understand they are available at menards and kmart. They have "where to buy" on their website.