As bad as I hate to post brand names, because everyone has different opinions about what's best, I will in this instance in hopes of getting some info.

This year, I will be shooting the Easton Axis arrows for hunting. I have ran into a problem with getting broadheads to spin true on these arrows. Now, I do admit that the Axis arrows do not spin near as nicely as the ACC's I was using. But, the shaft is not the issue. The broadhead points are.

BTW, I am using Pine Ridge Archery Arrow Inspector to check the alignment of the broadhead with the shaft. CLICK HERE TO SEE the PRA ARROW INPECTOR

Here is what I am having problems with.

It appears that the broadheads do not screw completely into the shaft. There is a very small gap between the end of the shaft and the lock ring of the broadheads. I used the tool that came with the shafts to set the inserts, and , followed the directions to the letter. But, I guess it does not seat it deep enough.

The Steel Force broadheads seem to be OK. They have a screw down lock ring. Even tho there is a small gap, they seem to remain true spinning after being shot into the target. But, the Rocky Mountain Supreme XP's have a lock ring that compresses on the blades. After one shot, they no longer will spin true on the shaft.

Since the inserts are epoxy'd in, I can't seat them deeper. "O" rings didn't help.

Can someone give me some input here?

Thanks in advance.