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    Default Cobra vs. Toxonics Bow Sights????

    Went to a local sporting goods retailer last night to buy a Cobra Sidewinder sight for my bow. The younger guy behind the counter talked me out of the Cobra and into a comparable sight made by Toxonics. The Cobra seemed just a touch brighter than the Toxonics, but I was told had more of a chance to loosen up b/c it used thumbscrews on the adjustments. Anyone have any trouble with that? I bought the Toxonics anyway, but was told I could return it if I really didn't like it. Anyone have an experience with this brand, good or bad?

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    I think you would be happy with either one. The cobra has been known to have a little vibration in it from the fiber optic coils. I haven't shot the new toxonics yet.
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