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    Default bow setup's

    Quote Originally Posted by dirtfox View Post
    Hey, thanks for all the suggestions so far! And glad to be here, as it were.

    Yeah, I'd really like to get my hands on some of the bows, but at least now I've got some names to give the guys at the local pro shop. They didn't have a thing in the shop that was a draw weight I'd actually learn anything by trying to pull.

    I was originally searching for bows that had a lighter draw weight, or were aimed for 'smaller' hunters - like the Micro Adrenaline - but since I'm not actually small, just scrawny, I've been running into a lot of setups that don't have the option of a nice long draw length, or have short axle to axle lengths. I've heard that the short axle bows are a lot more demanding, and harder to shoot accurately if you're dealing with long distances. (I'm in Central California, so there's a lot more brush and open areas than trees) Am I making a bigger deal of it than I need to?

    I was reading some good things about the Martin Bengal too, but at 50 lb draw being their lightest option, I might have to hit the gym before I'd be able to draw my bow back! Hmm.

    Time to look up more of these suggestions!
    to the forum check-out the martin tracer-2 magnum
    my son had a simular problem i searched for a bow with good speed/price/adjustability.
    27-30 inch draw 45-65lbs.solo cam. basspro.price complete package:$399
    sight/rest/quiver/wrist strap/stabilizer.
    he wouldnt have any other bow.
    any other question's just ask.

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    Welcome and this makes four of ya'll now. That's really good. But ya will need ta tell Wheels that we still got ya out #ed> Smokes
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