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Thread: bow sight

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    Question bow sight

    hey!!! Has anyone tried the no peep or rile types sights? Can`t see through my peep to good anymore. tanks ted n ms.

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    Default Sword Accusite makes a rear bowsight....

    I am going to be shooting a Sword Apex sight and a rear sight,I was informed that is was recommended to be shot without a peep, for the lowest light conditions it's supposably the bomb,that was what the owner told me.So I purchased both.
    I will be putting in a 1/4 inch peep however and lining it all up as a rifle sight,and letting them fly.
    I will see what happens,and let ya know exactly what the outcome is overall for accuracy and let you know what the deal is here.
    It sounded to me as if it was the way to go.
    It will all be up and running by this weekend.

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    Default No-Peep

    Ted, I'm interested in the No-Peep too. Trying to find out how well it works, especially in low light conditions. Currently using a peep with tubing, but I would like to get away for this setup. Although I keep a close watch on the tubing, things can still go wrong, i.e., catching on brush or coming loose/breaking. Any help would be appreciated!

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    Default I did not put it on there.

    I was going to,but,
    I used there 3d bracket and when I went to put it on there,instead of messing around,I just left it alone.
    I would say it would probably work though?
    I don't know.
    Anyone want to try ths one out,be my guest.
    Pm me.
    I am drilling popcan groups at 60,I am leavin my setup alone.

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