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    Default Looking for Left-Hand Hoyt Redline Cam

    I'm looking for a Left-Hand Hoyt Redline cam (number RL4-L-HL OR RL5-L-HL) to fit my Striker II. It currently has an RL7-L-HL but the draw length is too long. If anyone has one, knows where I can find one, wants to trade for one, or has any info that might lead me to one, I would appreciate it !!

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    Default redline cam

    MY cam is a left hand cam RL5-L-HO it came off my hoyt viper bow I needed a No.7 to give me a 29 inch draw, on your striker II a NO.7 is a 31 inch draw so a NO.4 is a 28 inch and a NO.5 like mine is a 29 inch draw so the draw length you would have if you put on my NO.5 is 29 inch .This cam will fit your bow but keep in mind the HO is 65% let off and the HL is 75% a little harder to draw back but not that much difference .I already found my NO.7 but if it will help you out and it will work for you let me know and I'll trade you even you mail it to me and vise versa . What is the draw length your trying to get on your bow ? the difference between a NO.4 and a NO.5 is 1 inch and could cause you some problems so its important to acquire the proper draw length . PS let me know and good luck Gary

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    I don't know if it will work for you or not, but I've got a Redline II cam and idler (R2-5.0L) in silver that I'd sell for $25.00
    They came off a 2001 Ultratec with xt3000 limbs & I think the draw length was 30 or 31 inches. Too long for me & I ended up putting on a set of command cams.

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