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    Default MAC Championship - PEER GROUPING

    Hope to see everyone at the Championship shoot! We have set up peer group shooting to begin at 11:00AM on Sunday. If you do not receive a notice for peer grouping (top 10 in each class) You may wish to avoid this time as the course will be extra busy. GOOD LUCK TO ALL!

    PEER GROUP SHOOTERS MUST BE READY TO BEGIN COURSE AT 11:00 so please arive early for warm up, sign in, and equipment check!

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    It's great that this shoots is becoming a first class operation. The peer grouping is a great addition to this shoot.

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    Default peer group

    I like seeing the peer grouping. I don't think you guys did that last year, and I dig it.

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    There was some peer grouping in the championship last year but it was not in all classes. This year should be better for peer grouping.

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    not trying to be a bugger, but if i have to shoot at 11 on Sunday, and it is raining, and a bunch of other shooters shot on Sat. and it was sunny and nice, how is that fair to the ones who get put in peer groups.
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