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    Question quickspins or blazers

    I just got done shooting the quickspins for the first time, I 'am very impressed.
    I have the 2.25 inch, small right helical on an easton axis 300 shaft, I have been shooting the bohning blazers which I also like, I haven't had a chance to shoot the quickspins with a broadhead yet but the blazers fly very nice with a fixed or mechanical head, has anyone shot the quickspins with broadheads yet, and what do you guys think of both of them, I think that the quickspins may shoot a little tighter group for me. I also shot them both through the chronograph and the speed was the same, I had heard that the quickspins were a little slower but thats not the case with my setup, let me know what you all think. thanks

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    I am using a biscuit on hunting rig. I can't use the quick spins.

    But, I have had good success with the blazers. Much better than feathers. IMO
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