Crown dipping....Anyone doing this?
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    Default Crown dipping....Anyone doing this?

    I am an experienced bowhunter, but I have recently bought equipment to cut,vane and set up my own arrows. I have almost always shot crown dipped ones, but I'm unfamiliar with the process to do this. I know I can buy the plastic wrps for arrows, but I think I'd rather stick to the actual "painted" crowns. Anyone out there with experience in doing this? I sure could use a little insight into what to use and how you keep a steady coat to control arrow weight, trajectory, etc.

    Thanks in advance for any help you can give me!!

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    A lot of the traditional guyas like me love to make arrows and crown dip is one part of the cycle. I use the golf tubes and a cork in the botton. I also add black electric tape to ensure no leaks. I use a full 12 inchs of tube, but only dip to 8 inchs. I mark the shafts with tape to show the 8 inch length. I use white glass paint from walmart in the qt cans. I also got a 4 x 8 ft cheap tarp, I put outside, I have a small table that I stand the tube against, with a tie cord on the tarp. I did the arrow and then put it on a line to dip / dry over the tarp with a clothes pin...a sure sign of spring in the upstate NY is arrows on my line drying to a warm breeze...I also then crest each arrow with a crester I made from a walmart 8 buck mixer, I use it with a pice of tubing onto the arrow and then let the shaft spin inside of 3 eye just as good as the 160 buck crester...paint in small jars are again from walmart, or you can try testers pain as well....

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    Thumbs up Crown Dipping

    I just tape off the desired length of Crown with masking tape, wrap a piece of paper around the Point End I dont want painted, and goof old Wally World Spray Paint the Exposed Nock end. Piece o' cake, and no muss-no fuss.

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    Default I hate paint!

    Don't get me wrong here,but hey,just because they sure are pretty and all... I know what it is like to try and strip that crap off there for hours to refletch.
    The wraps that are available are alternatively the best thing for that look.
    I do not like to strip arrows by the use of acetone,and it takes a good soaking to really clean the dip truly off.
    The wrap gives equal if not better adhesion to the shaft for vanes or feathers.
    The wrap also is dead on consistent in weight for better accuracy.
    Removal of a wrapped arrow to refletch?
    7 times more pleasant.
    they also make different sizes and you could even cut them to whatever size you wanted,as well as such a wide variety of colors it really makes the dip a thing of the past.
    Oh,I forgot to mention getting everyone including yourself whirly from the fumes,no,not pleasant by any means.
    Unless your into sniffing paint fumes,I just can't see really cresting with paint to be the way to go anymore.
    Traditional archery or not.

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    I do both paints and the arrow wraps. I hate arrow wraps when you go to take them off, what a pain. I just had to redo 3 carbons that had a 12 inch crown dip, tried shakes way of doing it and worked out real great. have drying on the line now.

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    Hey Glenny, Dont Sugar-Coat it for us Brother, tell us how you REALLY Feel!! I have done the Wrap thing on some Aluminums, loaded them in my Crester and did my Own Design Work on the Wrap. It didnt turn out as well as the Old Spray Paint System, so I went back to it.
    Sweet Old Bill, I hope you like the way the end up! The paint isnt as thick when it comes time to Re-Fletch and it doesnt take a Lot to get a Purty Arrow!

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