In response to Firenock, I, probably like many others, do not keep packaging for weeks, let alone read any fine print on the back. It may be just me, but if spend the time sighting in my bow with something and then it fails it is not much consolation to send these back in to be evaluated; Especially after paying over $50 for them. A warranty such as Firenocks offers is nice for the peace of mind it gives, but if the product fails, one is still disappointed with the product. However, I must again note that these nocks are far superior to Lumenocks on their brightness, so much so that even after being burned I am tempted to purchase another set. In regards to the comments about bright wraps and fletchings, these are incomparable to Firenocks. These may aid in allowing you to see your arrow, but Firenocks are so bright you cannot help but see your arrow's flight.