I didn't get to attend last years championship but did this year. I heard many complaints about last years shoot and there seemed to be many improvements in the way things were run. The people running the shoot seemed to have things running pretty smoothly, which was good. Food was even available after the shoot.

However, I heard and saw a few things that should be looked at. Disclaimer: I was not in any running for SOY so my comments are my own opinion.

First is the peer grouping. Why was the MBR peer group split up so someones child could shoot with them. This is the championship shoot and was supposed to put the best shooters together. I believe Josh Pink had to shoot with some traditional shooters instead of the MBR peer group. This means he shot every target first. Now this is not fair considering he was to be peer grouped.

Second, MBO class, what was up with the long shots on the small targets. Many of you all go to the Nationals and don't shoot tournaments this difficult.

Third, the open field to shaded shots. Now this is a pure luck shot. One, you normally can't see the rings to know where to shoot. Two, you hope to be able to tell the difference between the target and the ground when aiming. So where is the skill involved in these shots?

Fourth, trophies: Did someone put the SOY trophies in the dryer too long. I have one of these from years past and it's about 3ft tall.

I know a whole group of guys that are very disappointed in the Championship. These guys go to nearly every MAC shoot and donate their money. They get NO trophies even if they win the qualifier expecting BIG trophies, plaques or something nice at the championship. The estimate is they as a group donated over $1000 to the MAC.

I understand the championship should be the hardest shoot of the year. On a difficulty scale of 1-10, the qualfiers are usually a 6-7 and the championship this year, from the MBO stake was a 22. Don't believe me look at the scores, they are mostly horrible. A few still did well and maybe that's the MACs goal. But if shooters don't have fun, they will not be back!