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    Arrow Very Solid bow vise for Sale (NEW)

    Hey guys & gals I am just trying to get to know people around here and pick up on any new info on products in the archery world.

    Here is a real nice bow vise that I make. Works very nice. You can permanently mount it to a work bench or just use a vise grip or a C-Clamp to keep it portable. you can take it anywheres you go to even use it on your tailgate of your pickup out on the hunt.

    This model will have 360 degree rotation forward and 360 degree rotation sideways. just didn't take pics of that yet. I will add some pics this weekend of it.

    I sell these locally and haven't had a single problem with them. I make these as a living and I am not a big company or anything like that just a guy who enjoys the world of archery and hunting (oh) and a little fishing too

    I can guarantee that you would not be disappointed with it.

    Price is 39.00 shipped to your door. Paypal, Check, Money order.

    Paypal payment sent to

    I am around all day and evening and do check here for messages so if your interested in one or just have any questions please don't hesitate to send me a PM or email.

    Thanks for looking,

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