Chris has given me the OK to post a link to a new web site and forum.

StrikeForce Archery in Statesville, NC has a new website. And, they have a forum as well. The site and forum are only about a month old.

StrikeForce Archery is a pro shop. Rodney Galloway, the owner, is pretty sharp on technical stuff. He also builds custom strings and cables. You can get the skinny by visiting their site.

Everyone is welcome. Altho, I feel that Piedmont and Western NC, as well as VA. shooters will find the most benefit from the site and forums.

On the forums there, I am known as Bambi Killer. Please check the site and forums out. Should you register for the forums, please post that you were invited by Bambi Killer.

Here is the link to the site

Here is a direct link to the forums

I will be posting a link back to these forums, as well as the 3Dshoots page as well.

BTW, our archery deer season opener is tomorrow here in NC. Good luck to all !