First Thanks to everyone for coming. Finally had some nice weather. Hope everyone enjoyed themselves. RESULTS:
CADET; 1st, Tyler Ripper 251; 2nd, Trapper Ferris 213; 3rd, Spencer Riddle 193.
YOUTH; 1st, Hunter Ferris 265; 2nd Abby Williams 260.
WOMEN; 1st, Ronda Rex 276; 2nd, Diane Knecthel 263; 3rd, Patty Arron 216.
COMP; 1st, Dale Jones 290; 2nd, Ken Lantz 290; Scott Beach 285.
HUNTER; 1st, Mike Hanna 283; 2nd, Bill Whitman 282; 3rd, Chris Smerker 281.
MBR; 1st, Steve Ferris 294; 2nd Steve Schwabenbauer 286; Ted Knecthel 285
MBO; 1st, Will Tissue 288; 2nd Mark Wassil 286; 3rd, Craig Williams 286.
SENIOR; 1st, Jym Warden 291; 2nd, Gary Rex 291; 3rd, Jim Marsh 283.
SUPERSENIOR; 1st, Dave Conway 264.
TRADITIONAL: 1st Dave Holquist 239; 2nd, Dale McKinley 236; Jim Hughes 233.
Hope to see Everybody at our June 3rd shoot.
THANKS again Charlie