So I'm outside with my buddy and my neighbor behind me (who I've never met) pulls his tractor into my back yard and yells something at me, I turn around and put my dogs inside to go see what he wants...

the guy is a jerk, I ask him what I can help him with and he informs me quite rudely that a brush pile that I made is partially on his property (about 1 foot worth of it)

He has a row of large pine trees which I thought were right on the property line, apparently they are about a foot off the line but grow more on my side then his.

So instead of being a nice guy and just kindly informing me of this he comes over with an attitude and demands I move the pile. I try to be nice but he just wants to be a jerk about it... keep in mind this is the first time I ever met this guy.

so now I have some options....

1. Leave it there and if he comes over again tell him to go fly a kite

2. move it to somewhere else and be done with it. There really isn't anywhere else I can put it but I can find somewhere.

3. Move the pile out longways so that its not on his line anymore and looks even worse from his yard (I still won't be able to see it) and I'll be fully in compliance with the property line.

4. Advise him that HIS trees are growing over MY property line and advise him to get them cut back to be even with the line. Seeing as how I cannot determine where my line is because it is covering my line.

I hate hard decisions...