Thanks to everyone for coming. We had 30 shooters, which is good for a dot shoot. RESULTS; UNLIMITED AA, 1st, Dave McMillin 554, 2nd, Todd Lambright 550, 3rd, Til Williams 547-64x. UNLIMITED A; 1st, Mike Haller 537, 2nd Will Tissue 512, 3rd, Ed Kregar 504. BOWHUNTER UNLIMITED AA; 1st, John Poole 531, 2nd, Greg McBride 524-46x. BOWHUNTER UNLIMITED A; 1st, John Cunningham 508. BOWHUNTER UNLIMITED B; 1st, Charles Fetterolf 466. Sure hope everyone had a good time. Don't forget our next Trophy shoot on July 15, 28 FIELD. Thanks again to everyone for coming. Bring a friend. Charlie