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    Default Gasoline prices. arrghh

    Anyone notice that the barrell price of oil has been falling yet the gas prices sure seem to take a lot longer to come down.

    Everytime the barrell price goes up they raise the prices. So are you telling me the gas that is in the tanks at the gas station somehow suddenly cost them more? I don't see how the gas was delivered by truck 3-4 days ago.

    Someone is getting rich here. Look at Exxon's profits this year. It is in the billions not millions but billions in profits. It just plain stinks.

    Donald Trump said it best on the Tonight show the other night. We are stupid and our governmental representatives are NOT doing their jobs!
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    Default Yes we are Stupid

    You think as consumers we could boycot the top importing oil co. of the Saudi's. I've seen e-mail chains that make sense, but what do you have to do put signs up at the stations?

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    All of the gas stations near where I live adjusted the price of gas several times the day after Katrina made landfall. All the adjustments were an increase.

    Of course, each station manager I talked to told me that someone else owns the fuel that is in their tanks. And, they were only doing what the distributor said to do. HHmmmm.....pass the buck?

    It was interesting also, that the fuel they were selling was already bought, and in the ground. Somehow, this already purchased fuel, increased in price.

    I heard that prices were increasing on the radio. And, that there were lines at some stations. And, that gas was hitting $5 a gallon in the Atlanta area. I was spooked!

    I called my local fuel station, and asked what the price was. They told me is was $2.89, but, they were resetting the pumps to $2.99. I asked if they were getting a delivery. There were no tank trucks unloading fuel when the pump price increased. They were just increaing the pump price. Same fuel, just a new price.

    So, I decide I need to feed the work truck that holds 37 gallons before the stinking gas goes even higher. I pull into a line of vehicles at a station in Cleveland, NC. I am 4 vehicles away from the pump. About 30 minutes later, the truck is full. As soon as my purchase was complete, the pump reflected a $.10 per gallon increase. Now, go figure that! Well, you don't have to...they were profit taking. Same $2.79 gas was now $2.89! THAT SUCKED!

    Also, you didn't see the Government jump in there and take off the fuel taxes when the crap hit the fan. That would have dang near cut fuel price by a third, I bet.

    If someone knows more about how gas stations do business with distributors, I would like the info. I feel like we were gouged. I heard of prices jumping to $3.75 and then settling back two days later. The stations closest to the interstate (I-77 and I-40) were at least $.20 per gallon higher. Interesting!
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    here in houston when rita came around gas went up to 3.20 or so ,.... now its at 2.06 a gallon. anyway juss a lil input.

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    Default fuel

    well i have a 3500 dually diesel and its killing me. $2.60 a gallon and i fill up 3 times a week. Gas is around $2.25

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    Dually deisel and you want me to cry for you Thats why I have a truck and a car, car for driving to and from work and to do errands, truck for all the other outside of work, work. 92 honda 35-38 miles to the gallon , and my truck 99 dodge 15 miles to the gallon and when people ask why I need two vehicles, I always say have you seen the price of fuel thes days?
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