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    Default PSE Deer hunter bow help?

    I have a 2004 pse deerhunter i love the bow but i want to help my accuracy and am going to hunt with it what should i buy to make the bow ready for bow season and more accurate.?

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    If you bought the package that I see at PSE's site. It looks like you are good to go.

    CLICK HERE to see the PSE Deerhunter package I am looking at.

    You need to post more info, such as draw length, draw weight, arrow specs before anyone can make any type of guess at to what might make the bow more accurate.

    And, hopefully, you purchased your bow from a local shop that can insure the bow is set up for you. If you ordered it, the bow probably needs to be adjusted so that it fits you. You need to find an archery shop that can help you. Let people know where you are, and, they can help you find a shop.

    Or, you can search for retailers on PSE's Website.
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    Default Accuracy

    After you do as Pinky said, get it correctly fit for you, then shoot shoot shoot shoot shoot oh and shoot. Get comfortable with it before you try to harvest some backstraps

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