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    Default Shooting coyote/archery?

    If I see a coyote come under my stand....I would really enjoy watching various wildlife abroad and all....,but I would rather shoot one of these to tell ya the truth.
    So my question is do I need to have a trapping licence then?
    I am looking through the 2005-6 regulationsbook and don't see any sort of justification on what is legal for shooting a coyote other than firearms furbearers season,which is only closed nov.18,19,20& dec. 1-4 for firearm deer hunting.
    I was told previously that if you are gonna take coyote you need a furbearers license,but is that the same as/or a trapping license?
    What is the legality of all this?
    Can I shoot one with just what I got,a habitat stamp and hunting license or what?
    I live in northern IL.....

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    Default coyote

    Good question, but if I see one he's getting an arrow. The season is year round other than the dates you mentioned. You may need a fur bearer's stamp like the trappers but I wont tell any body.

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    Default I talked to the Dnr,good news.

    I am good to go,I asked what I needed to harvest coyote with bow,she said you need a hunting license and a habitat stamp.
    I asked if I needed a furbearers stamp or license.they are not made anymore.
    I made sure again.
    I am gonna get me wiley one of these days.maybe this year!

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    I just purchased my license at wal mart in southern IL, and the guy there said something about the habitat stamp being good for all furbearers. I would think that you would only need a trapping permit to actually use traps. Sorry if this wasn't helpful. Any luck yet this year?

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