So today I get an IM from my wife that the neighbors X-Wife drove up to their garden (out back of their house with about a 3 foot fence around it) and put a rooster in there...

well needless to say when I got home the stupid rooster was standing on the fence and proceeded to hop down and run around, straight into my yards... and my dogs were out. so of course they go after it, I call them inside and then go to catch it... of course the thing runs so I call my dogs back out and let them chase it off the property.

well about 15 minutes later the stupid thing comes back and my dogs start chasing it again... I put them back inside and now I'm upset, we were sitting on the back porch the whole time so my dogs not being able to come out because the neighbors X brought home a rooster isn't going to fly with me... so I go over and knock on their door, but I didn't go empty handed.

**Flashback** - 2 weeks ago while Crys, Conner and I were in Williamsburg on vacation I had my younger brother Adam (21 years old) watching the house. On Thursday I get a pissed off call from him about the neighbors X going off on him for trespassing, doing lines of coke at some bar he's never been to, accuses him of cutting her off that afternoon (he just got to my house from working at a job site over an hour away from the house and its 5:00 pm) and claims my shed is built on her property...

When I got home I went and looked and it looked like someone basically tried driving the property line with a car over and over, the grass is all dead and in some areas its down to rocks, in addition there were a couple piles of pine branches laying around on my side, they had been snapped off the tree and a glass was sitting in one of my planters (not one of mine).

**Forward back to today

So I took the glass over with me to return it and asked the neighbor to go remove the rooster from my yard. Just then they pyscho X starts in about how my brother started crap with her and how he was trespassing on her land... I kept my cool and just turned and walked away. The guy that owns the house (Steve) stopped me and said whoa lets talk about this. So I explain exactly what I said above. She (the X) then sticks her head out the window and begins yelling about me supplying her sons parties with beer and goes off about this... I tell the guy I've never bought them beer and if they are getting beer from me its by breaking into my house and raiding my fridge... in which case we have an issue. Keep in mind, his son and all his friends are underage and at least once a week they are in the back of his yard drinking and inside his house getting stoned... and they accuse me of buying him beer...

She then also yelled that I better tell my wife to stop talking about her or else... (NOW SHE IS PUSHING IT!) but I kept my cool and was the good neighbor.

I then pointed out the damage done to the yard (The driver that was trying to drive the property line missed a few times into my yard). HE then tries to catch the rooster and of course he can't of course so I ask him what the hell he wants me to do with it as I can't let my dogs out on my property with it there.

He tells me to kill it. I asked him if he wanted the body back and he tells me to just throw it in the woods. (what woods?) problem. 1 subsonic .22 round to the back did the trick, it ran off and died somewhere on someone elses property.

This is also the guy whose dog comes over at least once a week and rips into my trash, and we just found out that our neighbor on the other side has also had problems with his dog, 2 houses down had the same issue as well.

So at this point its on the verge of a police matter. The next time she says anything to Crystal I've told her to call the police immediately. The lady isn't right in the head and I wouldn't doubt for a second that she goes nuts and crosses the line.