I just bought a '04 Fred Bear/ Buckmasters compound bow and decided that i didn't even really want a bow.It has been shot 30-40 times at most and has never seen the woods. I haven't even registerd warranty and is still new enough to do so online butit says to original owner only. Though i dont know how they would know if you were any way. Have owners manual and all.

3.00 pounds
60-70 draw weight
75% let-off (comes with modules for 65% or 80%)
26-30" draw length (i think) can get modules for 23 -31

Bow (by itself) $400
tru-glo Extreme 5 pin sights with led $50
arrow rest not sure what its called $30
Case $30
6 arrows $35 (only comes with 5)
release $25

TOTAL: 575 +plus tax Only asking $400

Any where iv'e ever seen this bow it has been 400 alone. So if you are interested call me @ 315-788-1642 or email me @ sa_525@hotmail.com
Also I have pictures to post if i can figure out how