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    Default How to tie a serving knot??

    In a nut shell.....what's the easiest way of tying this knot???

    I currently have one above & one belove my peep sight to avoid creeping, this was done by Carl @ Carl's Archery here in Windsor, On.

    I tried to watch him while he did mine originally, but he was just so quick. If no help here then I'll just ask him to show me when the shop is a bit slower for him, need to replace the cables next week anyway.

    Thanks for your assistance in advance.

    Paul Bartolo
    Windsor, On. Canada

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    Dave Marshall

    Default thread reply

    Tying a serving knot is easy, check out a book from your local library on basic knot tying. What you're looking is how to "whip the end" of a rope to keep it from fraying.

    Dave Marshall

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    Here is one that I use

    Here is another link on how to serve, make tie-on nocks and how to tie a d-loop.

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    Thanks Darrel
    Take a kid with you. Show them the Great Outdoors. Pass it on.

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    Nice illustration. Good job.
    Chris Christenson - Admin - Find Archery Shoots near you - Archery Supplies

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