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    Default Spiral Cams....draw length?

    can you change the draw length on the spiral cam bows w/ an allen wrench like you can w/ the cam1 1/2 bows from hoyt in like the 03-05 models im referring to an ultra tec also

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    No you cannot. Spiral cams are draw length specific.

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    so is there anything else that i can do to change it w/out having to buy new cams, i bought this off of ebay so ill be really dissappointed to have to spend 200 dollars more on cams

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    You can get fractions of an inch by adjusting the strings and cables. However if you need more than 1/4" adjustment you will make the cam rotation feel terrible.

    Call Hoyt and find out what size cam you need and what size strings & cables you need. Then get on here and/or Archerytalk and post the size cams you need. You will probably find them for around $80. Then order up your new strings and cables, if necessary.

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