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    Senior Member Daniel Boone's Avatar
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    Default Few videos from yesturdays shoot

    Notice the exspression at the end of my shot. Thats a five low shot on easy target.

    Had a funtime. Hope you enjoy the videos of some of my good friends.

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    Rock Island, IL


    Neat videos...

    I like the guy with the arrows tucked into his back pocket. That's my style...

    Yeah, you looked dejected after that shot. The sound it made resembled an arrow hitting as tree. I know that sound pretty well.


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    Dan, you weren't the only one with that Look... I shot today and i bombed... missed 2 targets, off by about 10 yards! It was tricky.. Sorry I missed you all Saturday, but i was pretty sick.. Keep up the great job with the pics and video's.. we love to see them.
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