Mathews...I received our first flyer the other day on the new 2006 Mathews Apex7. This bow really has my interest. 38" a-to-a, 7" brace, 320fps IBO spec. There should be at least one more bow from them but it will be a couple weeks before we hear about that one.

Hoyt... they better come up with a parallel bow design. In our shop, Mathews is greatly outselling the Hoyt. And I currently shoot Hoyt for 3D and 300 tournaments. I do know they have a 33" bow this year that shoots 316fps IBO and has a new cam. The cam appears to be draw length specific but that's all I know, I haven't seen any pictures yet.

Bowtech... I haven't heard much here. These are the guys to watch. They are really coming on strong. As a shop owner, I am very impressed with them. Not just the equipment but with them overall. Their factory strings are better than anyone else I have seen. Zero peep rotation, very little stretch, excellent.

Anyone else have any thoughts