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    Default Any thoughts on new bows for 2006?

    Mathews...I received our first flyer the other day on the new 2006 Mathews Apex7. This bow really has my interest. 38" a-to-a, 7" brace, 320fps IBO spec. There should be at least one more bow from them but it will be a couple weeks before we hear about that one.

    Hoyt... they better come up with a parallel bow design. In our shop, Mathews is greatly outselling the Hoyt. And I currently shoot Hoyt for 3D and 300 tournaments. I do know they have a 33" bow this year that shoots 316fps IBO and has a new cam. The cam appears to be draw length specific but that's all I know, I haven't seen any pictures yet.

    Bowtech... I haven't heard much here. These are the guys to watch. They are really coming on strong. As a shop owner, I am very impressed with them. Not just the equipment but with them overall. Their factory strings are better than anyone else I have seen. Zero peep rotation, very little stretch, excellent.

    Anyone else have any thoughts
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    Check out A new Martin line.

    Also Martini is eliminating the SlayR this year. Their speed bow. They are replacing it with the Slayer Extreme. 10 oz. lighter and 10 fps faster at 335 fps IBO.

    I still think I'll end up with a ShadowCat Elite target bow.

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    Cool Mathews Classic

    I would recommend that everyone go out and purchase a Classic from Mathews.

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    I just got an apex 7 and I would take it over any Hoyt or Bowtech I had a conquest 3 and loved it but the apex 7 is the cream of the crop it is a little $$$ but in time they should come down

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    Default Parker and Bowtech

    Hello everyone, just joined this forum as a source to get some info on 3d tournaments. I have talked to Parker numerous times (i shoot a pheonix 34 and the designer has been my contact) anyways, they have told me they have some higher end bows than the Pheonix coming out this year and that we should have the catalog at the store by x-mas or so.

    I also read on another forum that one of Bowtechs main designers got fired (might have started on archerytalk but not sure). You never know how much stock to put in this type thing. But from what the designer posted Bowtech had been having limb cracking problems with some of their 2006 designs

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    I wouldn't worry too much about the limb problem stories. We have not had a single limb failure on any of the bowtechs we have sold. That said, all bow companies have a certain amount of limb problems. All the top companies have great warranties should a problem develop.

    The only problems we have seen in the shop for limb problems have been from dry-fire incidents.
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