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    Default Mathews or Bowtech

    I need some input on which brand is better or prefered. I'm wanting a bow that would cross over from target to hunting. Mathews or Bowtech, which is better? What about other brands? Help me out and give me some ideas please. I have a 29" draw and bow poundage is not an issue, but I would like to keep it around 65 lbs. or less if possible.

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    You've picked two winners there. Tough decision too. Best bet is to shoot them both and go with what feels best.

    What models in each line are you looking at?
    Do you like a short axle bow or are you looking at longer axle for more forgiveness?
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    Thanks for the reply. I forgot to mention that I'm new to the area (Belvidere, IL.) and I'm looking for a local archery shop to deal with because I'm getting back into archery. Does anyone have any suggestions. As far as the bows go I'm not fimiliar with the Bowtech line. I have shot Mathews in the past and prefer a 38" axle to axle or close to that and would like a 7" plus brace height. I shoot a release not fingers. After reading the different posts and finding the one on Mathews and how they donot sell what they are advertising ...the one from Glenny.... I'm not sure if I want to buy a Mathews with ALL of the troubles that he had. What about Hoyt and any other bow manufacturers. Thanks for the help.

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    Recommend a local archery're kidding have the best just a few miles from you.

    Here it is
    Obsession Archery
    8289 Burden Rd.
    Machesney Park, IL 61115
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    Default Pro Shop

    If your looking for a Pro Shop near you, then check out

    Sportsman's Choice
    11820 Catalpa Lane
    Woodstock, IL. 60098

    (815) 338-3550 Ask for Craig Bielski

    Craig is one the best shop owners I know. He is very knowledgeable when it comes to archery.

    Give him a call.

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    Obsession has Hoyt, Bowtech and Mathews. Plus it's a lot closer to you than Sportman's Choice.

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