I am looking to sell a RH Martin Razor X SE Compound bow with all accessories. This Razor X is equipped with the dyna-cam with all draw length modules included. It is a 55#-70# model in Mossy Oak Breakup. Bow includes a Toxonics three pin fiber optic sight, a Sims Stabilizer, and a Cobra Diamondback dropaway arrow rest. Bow also includes Kwikee quiver 6 arrow quiver and 1 dozen Cabelas 6570 arrows (these are the arrows that are basically the Carbon Express terminator hunters). As stated earlier this bow is one of the SE series so it has an extremely forgiving brace height of nearly 9". Also included in package are six target points and 3 Rocket Steelhead broadheads as well as a Fletcher archery Jim Dandy release. Bow has been shot a very few times at the range but has never been hunted with as of yet. It is a very smooth quiet shooter and very accurate as well. Tuned to shoot bullet holes at my DL of 28" as well as sighted at 20 yards (for me). Excellent condition. Selling to offset the price of another new bow and to make room in the archery closet in the house. Any interest or questions please contact at fourfletch@juno.com. We are located in central Mn. and would like to avoid shipping so interested parties in Mn., Ia., ND., SD., and Wi. are encouraged to respond. Price is $350.00 for everything.